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        Corporate Vision

                Connecting the World by Industrial Chain

                Creating History through Health Care

        Corporate Mission

                Creating Value, Contributing to Society

        Core Value

                Honesty, Responsibility, Pragmatism and Efficiency

        Corporate Spirit

                God Rewards the Diligent and Love

        Corporate Business Concept

                Talent as Basic, Technology as First, Innovation as Soul, Capital as Wing

        Corporate Management Concepts

                Quality: Quality is the eternal life of enterprise.

                Service: Excellent service is our eternal pursuit.

                Cost:Cost Management is to control every detail.

                Security: Safety as first, Prevention as priority, Execution as emphasis.

                Production:Standardize the behaviors and specialize the managements.

                Environmental Protection: Green, Circular, Compatible

                Leadership: Set an example and dare to be responsible.

                Communication: Good communication for agreement and high efficiency.

                Team: Respecting, Leaning, Trusting and Sharing.

        Provincial Innovative Technology Enterprise

        Grade A Taxpayer

        Grade AA Bank Credit Unit

        Advanced Unit of “Double Love and Double Assessment”